Today after work we are heading out to an Ecuador soccer game... be jealous! I am so excited I can hardly stand it, hopefully I don't get trampled on! Haha LOVE YOU ALL!


Days Go By!

Hola chicos. So I am sorry I haven't written in like a year, but honestly time has been flying by! I can't believe I have already been here three weeks. I am going to be home so soon! Sad. No offense family, but I just love it here.
Anyway this past week has been great! We went on a field trip last thursday to see some inca ruins, that was pretty awesome. I got some good pictures. Check out facebook. And the rest of the week I have just been working my buns off. I finally have an off this morning and I got to sleep in.. so fantastic. Oh I also took a shower, that was great. Except there are a few things I am excited to have back when I get home, like hot water, and cheddar cheese... yum.
This afternoon I have to think of an activity for the CA kids. This will be the fourth one I have had to do this week! I have already done, red rover, coloring, and watching "The Hulk" in Spanish.... any ideas? I am starting to get really attached to all these kids though. Next week we find out if we are a site leader, that should be really fun! Who knows what will happen, I will keep you all posted.
Other than that not much is going on. Tiffany got bucked off a horse and she think she broke her tail bone, but she wont go to the doctor because she doesn't want to pay 150 dollars. Also everyone is sick, in C three of the kids have thrown up in the last two days, usually on one of the volunteers. SO hot. I have managed to dodge that bullet, but I doubt for long. Anyway I am loving it here! I don't even mind that I have seen the sun maybe once since I have been here. Tonight we are having some big time visitors coming and they are buying us pizza for dinner! Oh heck yes!! Haha anyway I love you all! Keep in touch.


Massive Corn

Yesterday I had massive corn. It was amazing... and guess how much it was... 75 cents. Oh heck yeah! After the girls only orphanage me and some girls went to our little shish kabob place and it was amazing. We were loud and hyper and it was awesome. This is a little hole in the way place but their carne is amazing! Anyway things are good here... I am loving the kids and all of the gross poopy diapers and spit up. As messy as all these kids are I still love them so much. Loreena told me that when I get frustrated to just look into the eyes of the children and see innocence. So... today C bit me and I just looked into his eyes and he smiled and hugged me. Honestly these kids are amazing!
Thursday we have a field trip to some Inca ruins and that is going to be awesome! Sorry I don't have much time... but I love you all! I will keep you updated on the awesome life of a volunteer! Woo Hoo!!


Nacho Libre

What is up? So it is saturday and I have an off today so I thought I should update my blog. Well lets see, not too much has happened since wednesday. Thursday I worked in A the morning and that was a blast. There is one little girl there with Cerebral Palsy and it is super sad, she always bangs her head against a wall or the floor when she gets frustrated. When I was there she wanted to go outside really badly and started banging her head and the worker freaked out and made me hold her down until she could relax. It broke me heart! I feel so blessed to be healthy in so many ways. Anyway then thursday afternoon I went to CA and it was out of control! The kids loved pulling out our hair in huge chunks and spitting in our faces. By the end of the day me and Crystal were ready to be out of there! Hah but friday morning I had an off so I slept in and then went to the hippie market to go shopping. That afternoon I went to C with the little babies and it was a lot of fun. I finally got to work with jayme which was a blast! Now today I have an off and this afternoon I have to go back to the wild animals in CA. Hopefully they have calmed down a little.
Well I just wanted all of you to know that every night we watch a movie. The movie we watched thursday was nacho libre and if you haven't seen it you need too. I live the life of nacho libre minus the wrestling. Everything about the orphanage he works in is just like the ones I work in from the kids, to the nuns, to the food! It is fantastic. We even names one of the children choncho which means pig, because he is so fat. Anyway I am off to make breakfast!!!


Bananas and Futbol Jerseys

What is up? So it is wednesday morning and I finally have my off shift! Woo hoo, so I got to sleep in until 9 and then me and Kylie just went shopping. It was fantastic. The past few days have been amazing! Monday I worked with the special needs children all day and we had the opportunity to walk over to the military base here and ride horses with the kids. It was an amazing experience and it was nice to see the children so happy. Even though they couldn't tell you that they were having fun, you could tell by their big toothless smiles and wide eyes! After we were done with our shifts for the day we went to an all girls orphanage which was fun. We were there for about an hour and these girls were so excited to see us! The second we walked in they jumped all over us even though we had never met them. It was awesome. Monday night we went to dinner and after we got home and we were all getting ready for bed and Crystal yells... "Buenos Nachos!" I almost peed my pants. Wow.
Tuesday was also really awesome. I worked from 7 to 12 at the babies orphanage. It was awesome because they are so cute, but of course I came home with so much goo on me from them. Gotta love the babies! Then from 2 to 6 me and three other volunteers took a taxi ride way up into the mountains to go to T. This place is just a day care but these kids are so cute! We did finger paint with them and then played a game of football. It is nice to see how excited the kids get when you arrive. It really makes you feel like you are doing something important!
So now it is wednesday and I am about to eat lunch, so excited. I maybe should shower sometime too... I have kind of forgotten to do that lately. HAHA so granola! Oh and by the way, when I was working with the special needs kids we were listening to the radio and pussycat dolls came on! SO excited!!! Shout out to my girls right there. So me and B danced the day away to slutty music. How fantastic. Anyway I love you all and I will update soon!!


1 diaper, 2 diaper, 3!

What is up world? How is it cracka lackin! Haha so it is Sunday afternoon and I thought I would fill you all in on my life. So after I posted that last post I went to bed and slept like a rock. Apparently some girls had a hard time sleeping because their fear of fleas, but we were told that the house was de fleaded the day before we got there... fewf! Anyway so I woke up saturday at freakin 8 in the morning, yeah 8, be proud, and we went on a city tour. This city is so gorgeous! They have so many shops and markets everywhere. The architecture is also amazing. Anyway so at the end of the tour, our tour guide Ariane put me and two other girls in a taxi and told us that the taxi driver knew where we was going... wrong. He dropped us off in some sketchy place! The two girls I was with spoke no spanish and I spoke enough to get us home but it was still out of control! We had no phone, no address of the house, no nothing! We were three americans with twenty dollars. Well we finally wised up and ended up going to one of the orphanages and found rodrigo's number. Wow it was fantastic. So we came home, made some quick mac and cheese and went to our first shift!!!

So my first shift was at an orphanage run by nuns. Because of laws in ecuador I must change all the names of the orphanages and the children, so we will call this one TT. So TT was great! I was with the children 2 to about 12 and I was with them for six hours. These children are amazing! It is so sad to see how much they need love, it breaks my heart every time one of them runs up and gives me a hug. Anyway so after my shift I came home and we all went shopping. I have already got some awesome things!!! haha

Today was my second shift. I had to wake up at like six thirty. Yeah that will be the time I will be waking up for the next 3 months! So today I was back at TT with the children new born to 2. This was an experience. I have never been thrown up on so many times. These kids are amazing but sooo messy. At first I was so grossed out but I just decided that I need to deal with barf and poo all over me cause that is going to be my wardrobe until I get home. Haha yeah gross, it still freaks me out. Anyway this shift was a lot harder because you have to be playing with these kids, feeding them, and changing them non stop. I changed six diapers today. And people these aren't easy diapers, these are cloth sick diapers, yeah be jealous!

Anyway now I have one of my "offs". We have an off three times a week which is nice. So I work 11 out of 14 shifts. This is harder than I thought but I think it is going to be worth it. I have already felt so much love for these kids that I would rather be no where else. I am glad that the U won on saturday though!! Woo Hoo! I bleed red.. holla. Oh yeah that is another thing, everyone here is from the Y.... wow. Hahaha ok I am off. I love you all!!!!



Hola people. I am officially in Ecuador! Wow and has it been a trip, I left yesterday morning from salt lake and made it to houston, had to run through houston to make our connection with 12 girls and big carry on bags, wow that was an adventure... haha made our flight from houston to quito and got in at about 11 o clock pm. We then all got into a big van with millions of bags, we are girls.., and drove to the quito house. I was one of the two girls who only had one bag and I quickly realized that I did not pack enough. I am such a scrub. Anyway then we spent the night in the quito house. It was really fun to get to know the quito girls. Then this morning we boarded a bus at six am... it was a 10 hour bus ride to cuenca. Anyway now I am in cuenca and I am dead tired to I am going to bed... I love you all and I will update later!! Adios Chicos!