This past week I was dog/ house sitting a really cool house up near the capital. It was a fun week full of slumber parties and good times, but for some reason this past week I have been a little spacey. I thought I would share some examples...

Tuesday May 18: As I drove to school this morning I hit every green light, I found a great parking spot and I was on top of the world. While walking through the parking lot into class I reached into my purse to find my phone.. while walking and searching I ran right into a bike rack on the back of some 4 runner. It slammed my forehead and chest and threw me backwards. Haha I was dying and I am pretty sure the kid walking the other way peed his pants. To make things worse I left my phone back at the house! So I drove back (hit every red light) and lost my great parking spot. What a morning.

Wednesday May 19: This morning I was on top of my game. Woke up early, took a shower and was not only on time but early to start my day. So I went outside to water the plants and as I tried to open the door to get back inside I realized I had locked myself out. My keys, phone, purse, everything was inside. I tried a few windows and doors and then it came to me... the doggie door! Now this dog I was house sitting is a pug and is not a big dog, this doggie door was no easy task to maneuver through. It is cut through the wall of the house so it is about 3 feet wide and it is triggered by a metal piece on the dogs collar. So I grabbed harley (the pug) and pulled him through this doggie tunnel. I shoved him in front of me so the door would open, and quickly crawled through.

Thursday May 20: 10:00am As I exit my car to go to class (which I was late to) I immediately ran straight into the side view mirror of the car next to me. 8:00pm got a flat tire on the way to a black tie event and had to abandon my car in Coachman's (State Street and 17th S.)

Hopefully this week is not full of these unfortunate surprises. Cross your fingers.


Welcome Summer
I have been waiting for you a long time! 

Thank you mark for capturing my moment of joy!


Mama Kelly

Dear Mom,
Happy Mothers Day! I love you and I am so grateful to have you in my life. You are such a great example to me and I look up to you so much. Thank you for always being there for me.
Love Beth