SO here is the thing.

I blog when I am bored, but lately, I haven't been bored. LIKE AT ALL. Planning this wedding and my future life has been so much fun. Anyway here are a few things on my mind today.

1. Note to self: Don't bring chocolate raisins to work when you work with two prego ladies. They will disappear before you even get some. #r.

2. Landon and I found our apartment last night! I am so excited, and Landon didn't sleep at all, he was cruising IKEA for stuff. I seriously cannot wait. It is a perfect little 2 bedroom on non other than Elizabeth Street! Blah! So Excited. I can't wait to live with Landon, it is going to be a blast. He is honestly the funniest person I know.

3. Example of Landon's funny-ness: He is getting his tonsils out on Tuesday, and the hospital called him today to ask him if he had any pre-existing heart conditions that they needed to be aware of. His response in a very serious voice "actually, I have a horrible heart condition. Many people tell me I have a heart of gold". Haha really? That is genius. He is amazing.

4. We took our engagements this week, and what I have seen of them I am loving! Seriously, they turned out even better than I expected. Here is a sneak peak of the amazing work of Christine Olson Photography. She was SUCH a blast to work with and did such an awesome job. I could not even explain how great she is!


Rolie Polie


Here are a few great memories that nobody else will understand...
but Meg and I. Sorry.

"That will be 500 dollars, you.."
Spitting ice.
Tallin Airport sign and attendant.
She's rolie polie olie.
The Pest is megan.
Your JTT poster we had in our room for years.
Making you come into my room when I was scared.
Your hand massages on planes, or in church.
Go Gurt Phase. enough said.

There are millions more, but I don't have time to type them all. Meg I love you so much! Thanks for being the best sister in the entire world! I hope your day has been amazing.


Ok, I admit, the last post was a little depressing and I apologize. But it was just such an off day. Today is pretty much the opposite. Landon is moving all of his stuff home today!!! No more nights in Provo for him! I could not be happier about this!!!

On another note, I found the perfect top for my mom to wear at the wedding from Zara. Here is the kicker, Zara doesn't ship! Yeah, that is real. The only way to get their clothing is to go into a store and buy it. Well since the closest store is Vegas I am depressed. I have to make this happen.... so if anyone who is reading this lives in the same city as a Zara, I will literally do anything if you can mail me this top. Like ANYTHING! So please let me know.

Anyway, the sun is finally out! It may not be super warm, but it is getting there. Hallelujah!

That is all for now.


Blah Day

Dear April 12,

You are not a Monday, but you aren't even close to a weekend.
You are gloomy and grey and raining, and I need it to be warm and sunny.
You didn't let me sleep a wink last night, there was way too much running through my mind.
You are the beginning of Landon's week and a half of tests in stupid Provo.
You are 72 days away from my wedding, which seems like an eternity right now.
You are such a blah day.



Wedding and Bow Obsessed

So the wedding plans are coming along nicely! When I got back from Spring Break (I will blog about this amazing trip soon), I felt like I have a list a mile long of wedding things to do. After being home 2 weeks I feel a lot better about where Landon and I are in the planning timeline. We have gotten so much done this past week! Basically our whole wedding party now have their clothes at least ordered, we registered this weekend which was SO much fun! We ordered our wedding rings, and we have almost finished the invite list for the wedding, all of the showers and the wedding dinner! Life is feeling really great.

Also I have my first fitting with Penny in a week and I couldn't be more excited! I know it won't even resemble my dress at all, but I am just so excited to get the process started!

Throughout all the wedding stuff, I have come to realize that I am weirdly obsessed with bows. I am not a flowery or a glitter girl, I just love bows!

I am having WAY too much fun planning this wedding. People say planning a wedding is stressful, I am still waiting to realize when the stress sets in? I am having a BLAST!