Well here I am, sitting in the cuenca airport and I am on my way to quito! We will be staying in the Quito Osso house until tomorrow and then we will head to the amazon tomorrow morning!!! I am so excited!

These past few days have been hard because I am going to miss the kids. I really am going to miss seeing all their shining faces everyday of my life. They have such amazing spirits and so much potential, it makes me sad that they don't have families but I know the future volunteers will take good care of them. I will always miss cristofers kisses and carlos' "holas" and most of all I will miss spending time with margarita who has left already but I loved her with all of my heart. Those 20 kids taught me so much about myself and about what is important to life. I am excited to see them again someday. 

Anyway my time in ecuador has been amazing but I am ready to come home and see you all! I have missed the comfort of warm showers, sleeping in, being able to flush toilet paper, and most of all... eat cheddar cheese!!! Haha but that is all that is going on in my life. I need to board the plane soon. I hope all is well at home, I will be there in 5 days! 



Wow it has been a while since I have blogged, I know and I am sorry. But my life has been so busy! I leave Cuenca in 2 weeks and I had to go shopping!!!! I have been shopping everyday buying many new things for my room and stuff. I love it down here because everything is so cheap, including movies... which are only 1.50. Heck yes! Anyway this past week and a half have been great. On halloween we had a big fiesta with all of the children and they loved every minute! Even though the next 3 days were a living heck because they ate so much candy. At least they enjoyed themselves! Halloween here was fun too, me and crystal and jayme dressed up like captain underpants, so hot! hah it is hard to find an outfit around our house. It was fun though, we carved cantaloupe because they don't have pumpkins here. SO anyway it was fun to see all the kids happy. 

This week we hand off our site moms to the new group so I am training olivia. I really cannot believe I will be home in three weeks! I am excited and sad at the same time, I think by then I will be ready to go though. I really miss cheddar cheese. Anyway I am watching the U vs. TCU game on gametracker right now and I am just as excited/ stressed as I would be if I were at the game. I love the Utes so much, I would sell my soul for them. Haha anyway sorry it took so long to write, I love you all and I want to hear all about your lives!!! Muah!