A journey through...

The Black Forest! Ok not really, but a few weekends ago Jessica and I decided to make a traditional german dessert! It was so much fun to make a cake from scratch and it was actually delicious!


Bienvenido Megan

Some pictures from Megan's arrival home. We were sooo excited! 
Sweet Poster for Megan.

This is the first we all saw megan in three months! 


Welcome Home Megan!


I Love Spring Break!


Happy Day!

Hello World

I have some happy news.... Megan gets home tomorrow

My best friend Jess got her mission call to Uruguay and I am so excited for her (more to come on that)

Next week is spring break and the girls are going to get some sun

It is suppose to hit 63 degrees this week

After my math test tomorrow and music test friday, nothing is stopping me!!!

I am So Happy!


My Job.

 I work at East High School. No, no I am not a super senior, I teach children with special needs. Anyway, many of these children come from poor backgrounds and most are ESL (english second language). Well I love my job. Just this week actually I was talking to my mom about how much I love my job and how much I love these kids. 

I feel so blessed to be able to have a job in this hard economic time, and also to be able to be surrounded by these students who are so sweet and willing to learn everyday.

Some days work is hard, and I come home crying, and I get frustrated and upset. But I think that this job has taught me so much patience and has shown me a whole different side of the world. One I would have never found without these beautiful kids.

So I guess I am just grateful. I am grateful I get to learn so many great lessons and I am grateful to have a small role in these amazing peoples lives.