I am so grateful for Sundays for many reasons, but one thing I am extremely grateful today is the fact that sundays are the one day I don't have to wake up before 8:00am. I hope everyone enjoys a nice late start today!!!


Flam bound

Ok I am almost done with my Europe postings (2 months later), but I am over it...

So this stretch of this trip I have to say was the most beautiful! We left Oslo by train and headed to a down called Myrdal. When we arrived we were greeted by snow! It was freezing cold! But it was so beautiful. This train stop was in the valley of two giant mountains and the snow/rain made everything green and misty which was really mystical. I can understand how Norway became the land of trolls. This is totally somewhere they would live. Anyway we waited for the second train that would take us from Myrdal to Flam. When the train finally came it was so cool! It was a really old train with old luggage compartments. It was the prettiest train I had ever seen. As we made our way down the hill to Flam we passed beautiful waterfalls and mountains and so many amazing sites. Such as this one...

Anyway so after the awesome train ride we finally made it to Flam. Flam is a town literally in the middle of two Fjords. This was the prettiest place! Everything was so clean and green and seriously it was magical. This photo does not do it justice. It was amazing to say the least.
Megan and I stayed in this really cool cabin for the night, made our own homemade pasta and soup and just had a great time walking around town and enjoying the serenity of this place. This was the first leg of the "Norway in a Nutshell" and I am so glad we decided to spend the night.



 "Music is the universal language of mankind".
-Henry Wadsworth Longfellow 

"Music translates into everything else".
-Parker Radcliffe

 "Music fills the infinite between two souls".
-Rabindranath Tagore

I have always loved music. I believe it has a healing power stronger than anything else. Music to me touches my soul in places nothing else can. I wanted to share my playlist as of today. Hope you enjoy!

Florence & The Machine- Between Two Lungs

Sondre Lerche- To Be Surprised

The New Pornographers- Challengers

The Knife- Heartbeats

Mates of State- Get Better

The National- Slow Show

Feist- Past in Present

Alexi Murdoch- Orange Sky

Tegan and Sara- The Con

Stars- I Died So I Can Haunt You

The XX- Heart Skipped a Beat




Today is one of my favorite days of the whole year... yeah you guessed it... the first game of the season! Ever since I was about 4 years old I have been a huge Ute football fan. There is just something about this time of the year. Everyone around town bleeds red and there is so much Utah pride! One of my favorite things in the whole world is sitting on a cool saturday night, under the lights of the stadium, analyzing the Ute's next move with good ol' Buzz. Good luck tonight Utah, I know you will make me proud.

       GO UTES!!!!