Check Please!

   Last night I went on a blind date, now I have never had a horrible experience with blind dates, but I have also never had a great one. Anyway a little background on this date, he goes to BYU and went on a mission to Georgia (the country, he made that very clear). He is 21 years old and studying classical history.. whatever the crap that is suppose to mean. So the date started off great.. until he spoke. One of the first things he said to me was "So you go to the University of Utah" I replied with a confident yes and he continued to respond with "I'm sorry". This was where it all began, many of you know me and know that I can be fierce when talking about things I love.. and the U is one of those things. Immediately my heart grew warm and I was about to rip into him.. but I was the bigger person and said "oh you must be friends with max hall"... the conversation ended there. As we proceeded through the night he talked non stop, about himself. I found out that he wants to go to law school, be a senator and that he is really into interior design. He asked me a total of 1 question about me "what's your major" and then continued to talk about himself. Typical BYU guy. The date ended at 10.
   So that brings me to the point of this blog post... boys and their dating habits. Why did this BYU boy even want to go out with me, to hear himself speak? He woke up this morning knowing my first name and that I am a communication major. I woke up knowing that I strongly disliked this kid and pretty much everything about his life past, present and future. Is it so much to ask to have him open my door for me (which he didn't) or at least pretend he asked me out to get to know me? I think not. Boys, if you are going to ask a girl out, then at least be chivalrous! I am not out looking to be a brainless arm piece to some BYU bimbo or a hot headed med student! I am not saying I don't love boys... because we all know I do, but bottom line, boys if you are going to ask a girl out, treat her like you know she should be treated!