Bye Bye Bye

So this week is a sad week for me. Yes Christmas was a blast and new years will be just as fun, but this week I have to say goodbye to my best friend for three whole months! That's right... my sister, Megan has decided to leave the country to help orphans. She will be living in Cuenca, Ecuador until spring break. This is such a bittersweet thing for me because I love Cuenca and all of this kids I was able to spend so much time with and I am excited that they get to be loved and cared for by such an amazing girl (megan), but at the same time home is going to be very lonely! I love so many things about Megs and I look up to her so much. She is a determined, smart, beautiful girl who has blessed my life more than she will ever know. Some things I think of when I think of megan.

Megan: Hair Spray, Rap Music, GLEE, Dancing, Go-gurts, puffy, spitting ice at each other, crying on her shoulder, being weird together, sitting in time out staring at each other, late night chats, dr. pepper, her being insanely tan, her massive lips, burts chapstick, eye makeup, laughing, and so many more things that I can't think of right now... c'mon I have 19+ years of memories up in my mind of megan!

So Megan, I love you so much! Have a great three months. You are amazing for devoting so much time to these children who have nobody else to love them. You are their family and I know that they will love you so much. Work hard, make lots of friends, and enjoy this experience because you will be home before you know it! And we will all be here waiting for you with a backers cake! I love you so much! Good Luck!



I just want to vent for a second. I think finals are ridiculous... why do we even have them? Especially finals that count for half of your grade, I mean how can one single test on one single day determine our entire knowledge on that one subject? And how does the teacher decide which part of their lectures they want to put in the test... a little here... a little there... I hate finals, I hate everything about them, I hate the little bubble sheets and I hate finals week and I hate everything that has to do with them!