Well cyber world, I made it home safe and sound! I got in on monday at about 3 am and I passed out. I am glad to be home but it is bloody hot here. 
  I have been the the J everyday since I have been home, and it has been nice to re unite with my amigos! I am now in huntsville with the fam dam and Connie! There is going to be a parade tomorrow and a big breakfast and a dog show so it should be awesome. I am going to enter tika into the competition tomorrow again, she won 1st place last year in the "best smile" competition. I love my dog. But this place is beautiful and a little cooler than salt lake. Today I took a nap and went on a walk. I am very relaxed and I am excited for the fireworks tomorrow. 

   Well that is about all. My life isn't as exciting as it was when I was in Oviedo but it is still a great life. I miss Spain a lot but it is good to be home. I love you all! I will write again later. 63 days until Ecuador!