Sea of Love.

Well today is Thanksgiving and this whole week I have been thinking about things that I am grateful for. Of course I am thankful for the huge blessings in my life such as an amazing family, wonderful friends, a warm house, food to eat and so many more things... But as I was thinking I started noticing the little things that I take for granted that I am thankful for. Here is a list of 50 things that aren't the usual things you would think you are thankful for.

1. The heater in my car
2. PiƱatas
3. Gravity
4. Naps
5. The smell of shampoo
6. Suitcases with wheels
7. Coke
8. The ability "shuffle" on my ipod
9. The water dispenser in my fridge
10. Hand Sanitizer 
11. Fresh Fruit
12. Sunsets
13. Caller ID
14. Summer dresses
15. Tollhouse Ice Cream Pies
16. Door Knobs
17. Custom ring tones
18. Oatmeal chocolate chip cookie dough
19. Bowling Shoes
20. Dollar Movies
21. Funny YouTubes
22. Airplanes
23. Mullets
24. Facebook during class
25. Floating candles 
26. The fact that I don't own a cat
27. Passports
28. Pay checks
29. The paper palm trees at Party America
30. Good dreams
31. MAC eye shadow
32. Toilets that flush
33. The Vegas Roll
34. Taking a good picture
35. The flower section of grocery stores
36. Clinique Happy
37. Utah Football
38. Stretching 
39. Striped shirts
40. Turquoise 
41. Pass along cards
42. Vitamin C Pills that taste like oranges
43. 1.11
44. Balsamic Vinegar, oil and bread
45. Diving Boards
46. Lips
47. Giving granola bars to homeless people
48. Queso 
49. Toothbrushes 
50. Elastic waste bands

I love you all so much!!! HAPPY THANKSGIVING! 


Nothing Better.

So I am sitting in Megan's bed after church and we have been stalking peoples blogs all day. This got me thinking... I haven't written on my blog for a year and I think it is time I start up again. So I posted some pictures of Chile below and I will try and fill you in on the past year. Nothing too crazy has happened, just the usual school, work, traveling, boys. I have met some great friends that I know I will be friends with forever. Here are some pictures that have great memories attached to them, mostly of this summer.

Doner park.

International Day. I love these boys more than they know.

Scot and Abby's wedding! So Beautiful!

I love my g-ma Connie!.. and tika boo!

Picture from an amazing night.

California! Such an incredible trip!

That is all I have right now. But I will post more later on. My life is pretty boring but I am going to give this blogging thing a try.

Hop a Plane.

So this summer I had the opportunity to go to vina del mar, Chile and study spanish. It was an amazing experience and such a beautiful place. I am so grateful I was able to live there for a short 6 weeks. Here are some pictures from my adventures...

Here is the view from my window at sunset. Such an amazing place!

Ashley, Max and I.. jumping picture. No need to say more. 3 Amigos!

Ashley and I at a rodeo! She is the cutest girl ever!

Ready for school!

My backyard.