Clean as a whistle..

When I get stressed.... I clean like a crazy woman.

Today, I am cleaning like a crazy woman. 


SNOW DAY!!!!!!


If the whole winter can be as pretty as last night, I welcome it with open arms.

Luckily I had my camera and we snaged some pretty photos from the night.


Thug life.

There are three reasons I listen to rap music.

1. When I am super mad.

2. When I am causing mischief.

3. When I am determined.

Today's reason for rap music, number 3


Today I want..

....to take a nice, relaxing bath. Put on some calming music, light some candles, and overload the bubbles. I haven't had a second to breath this entire semester, let alone take a bath. And then...

...take a long nap! I am literally falling asleep at work. Sleep deprevation + midnight showing of Harry Potter = even more sleep deprevation.



So in the spirit of the 7th Harry Potter movie coming out, Elise convinced me to take the Harry Potter sorting house quiz. Yeah, this may sound lame, but I was interested. Ok so I may be starting to like Harry Potter more and more everyday I am friends with Elise. So anyway I took it and I ended up being a Slytherin!


Slytherin house values ambition, cunning, leadership, resourcefulness. The house mascot of Slytherin is the serpent, and the house colours are green and silver.

Some may think that this is an insult, not me. I have decided that Slytherin is basically like an FBLA of the magic world. They work hard and don't take crap. Like mentioned above, the Slytherin house values what any good business woman would like to obtain. Also, how perfect are their colors? Green the color of money, and silver, the color of coins. I am flattered and proud to be a Slytherin.

Ok I am taking this WAY too seriously. I hope to see you all at the midnight showing tonight!


Sweet Bro's

Everyone needs to read Megan's hilarious post about the Sweet Bro population in Utah.

Read it HERE!



Dear blogger friends,

Jessica Kubly has now been out on her mission for about 6 months (can't believe she is 1/3 of the way through)! Anyway for Christmas I wanted to send her a book of letters from her friends! Even if you write her separately, I thought this would be a nice way for us to show our support for Jess as a group of friends. If you are interested I am going to need the letter by Thanksgiving, so that they will get there in time. I think hand written letters would be more personal, but if all you can do is send me a message back I will be sure to add it into the book. Also pictures, quotes and anything else would be great too!

So if you want to just mail them to me my address is 2890 St. Marys Way, SLC UT 84108. Or I can pick them up from you, you can drop them off, whatever really works. I just hope you all can help me with this!!! Give me a call with any questions.. 801-856-1218. 

Thank you all,

Updates on Jessica, go to her amazing blog aqui.



Today could not get any better! I am having the best day!

First I got to sleep in an hour longer than usual, so I am rested and completely ready for this week.

Second, I won an amazing giveaway on this fun blog here. I am so excited about this, I have never even entered a blog giveaway until now, I will definitely be entering more!

Third, I had such a fun weekend! And I am so happy where I am in life and with friends right now. I am sorrounded by the most amazing people and I am learning from the everyday.

Fourth, I am finally starting to feel like I am not asking for help every 5 minutes at work, I am settling into the groove of things.

Fifth, Sushi and GG tonight with the gang. Always a great way to brace a monday.

I don't really know why else I am this happy, but I just am happy! And I hope you all are happy too. Here is a pretty picture that makes me happy!


Camp Out.

So this weekend was a big weekend for the University of Utah. It was the Utes vs. the TCU horned frogs! This by far was the biggest game of the year, and even though we got killed, the festivities leading up to the game were unforgettable!

I forced Elise to sleep in a tent on cement in front of the stadium!

Ok, let me back up. So ESPN was coming to SLC. They were doing this event called "College Gameday" at 6:00am on saturday (the day of the game). So lots of people were camping out to be the first in line for the event, so they could get on tv. Something I have always wanted to do is camp out at the stadium for some event such as this, so of course I had to do it! And when I set my mind to something 9 out of 10 times I will make it happen. I am a stubborn girl.

So friday night after a great dinner at Sawadee with Warner, Elise and I met up and started to pack our tent and sleeping bags! Elise isn't much of a camper, so she was a little hesitant, but I dragged her anyway. We dressed in our warm, Ute clothes, and were on our way.

Of course we had to stop at Alberstons and spend 30 dollars on junk food and girl magazines.

We found a nice spot on the cement where we pitched the tent and set up camp. This is where the night began! We met some new friends, danced the night away, met up with old friends, pulled an all-nighter, and had SO much fun.

Here are some pictures of our adventure.

Candy Candy Candy

Chugging Mountain Dew (no wonder we were up all night)

Kyle made an appearance.

New Friends.

Old Friends.

Our Tent.

It was such a fun night and I know I will always remember that crazy night in college when I slept at the Stadium. GO UTES!!!!


to be alive at all is to have scars.

-john steinbeck

This quote really stood out to me today. It helped me remember that life isn't always peachy keen, and it is the hard, stressful, sad times that really build our character and turn us into the people we want to be.


Such a fun halloween weekend. Enjoy some memories frozen in time.

Can't wait for next halloween. Gosh I love that holiday, even if it is for the skanks.