Nuns with road rage

   What's up ya'll. So maybe I should fill you in on my life! I have been super busy for the past few days trying to get everything ready for the old group to leave. I cannot believe that they leave tomorrow and then we are suppose to be in charge of these new girls! I am really excited/ nervous/ sad/ who knows!! Haha
   So  yesterday I was in Cunas and the nun told me to grab these two babies, a friend, and get in her car. I was a little sketched out but we are suppose to do whatever we are told. Anyway so we got in the car with these babies and we had no idea where we were going. We ended up driving a half an hour into town to the doctors office. Anyway I have never seen someone with more road rage than this nun. She was out of control going 80 the whole way and honking at everyone. It was hilarious!!! 
   Anyway I will write later and let you know what is going on. The update in Cunas is... well nada really. There is this one kid that I have been working with all day long trying to get him to walk.. he is almost there. I will keep you posted. Anyway I love you all!!! And casey and elise I am excited to be on your Christmas list!! I love you guys! 


Half Way...

Hola all, how is everyone doing? Sorry it takes me so long to post stuff, I am just super busy! Yeah I know I am so cool, haha just kidding. Anyway this week has been great! I have been in Cuna's mostly everyday but wednesday we got the chance to fly to guayaquil and see the city and go to the temple. It was awesome! We left at like 8 in the morning, went to the temple, went to some iguana park, went to two different ocean docks and then went on this hike up to a light house! It was such a pretty hike, and a really neat old pirate town. Anyway so it was a really good experience and I am so glad that I was able to go.
So Cunas is doing great! We had bath day today so it was a lot of working washing twenty babies but it is always fun! Wednesday one of the babies got adopted and left, it was such a bitter sweet thing. But it is good, if any of you want to adopt.. come to ecuador and get some of these babies! They are awesome.
Anyway I don't have much time so I will write later. The old group leaves on thursday and we get a whole new group! I am excited, it should be really fun to get some new girls and actually be in charge. It is like a bunch of new OSSO pledges. Haha ok I really am done. I love you all!!

p.s. I can't believe I am half way done!


Cunas Mom!!!

So wednesday we found out our sites and guess which one I am.... Cunas!!! That means that I will be working with the little babies everyday, all day long. I am in charge of this site now so I need to be responsible for everything that happens here. Ashley told me this was one of the biggest sites and it took a lot of time and effort but I am ready! Kylie has already started training me and it is awesome! I love these kids so much. 

Besides that... lets see. Everyone who is a site leader I am really excited for! I think everything will work out well. Laura left yesterday to go home, we are going to miss her. She is a funny cat for sure. Oh and me and jackie have set up a work out schedule for everyday, when I get home I am going to have abs like Denise Austin! And the old group leaves in like 2 weeks! I can't even believe that! I am almost half way through... that makes me sad. Also we get to go on the temple field trip next week! That should be pretty exciting for sure.

So what else is there to tell you... oh so the kids drink this really gross stuff called colada everyday right?.. yeah well I was feeding one of the kids and the worker handed me a cup and so I took it and then she informed me that the colada was for me! She was super nice and told me that it was a treat cause I had worked so hard. Yeah well colada is like luke warm sugared cows milk right... I have to hold my breath and drink the whole cup. It was disgusting, but I think I am the only volunteer in the history of OSSO to actually drink a cup of it... yuck. 

Other than that everything is going great! I have made some awesome friends with the girls here, and with the kids I have been working with. I am sad and happy because of the girls in TT is getting adopted this week! It is really good for her though, she will be heading back to the United States! 

Well I love you all. Keep me updated on your lives as well!!! Adios!