Uppsala, Sweden

While we were in Stockholm we were able to take a train up to Uppsala for the day. Uppsala is where our ancestors are from so it was really fun to see where our family roots evolved. This town was so beautiful! It was a quant little college town and I fell in love. Megan and I visited the cathedral in town, walked around all over (including the cemetery looking for old relatives) haha, ate ice cream and relaxed  on the streets of Uppsala. It was a really fun day and I know I will be back!


Stockholm, Sweden

Ok so I know I am way behind on blogging about my trip, but I will catch up sometime. Anyway stockholm was amazing! I think it was my favorite place so far. Megan and I spent three nights there and it was so much fun! We went sight seeing, shopping, watching futbol with a million people in our hostel screaming at the tv in 100 different languages, rode bikes around town, got lost a few times, and so much more! Everyone in sweden is so beautiful! It makes me proud to say I am scandinavian. Here are a few of my favorite pictures from Stockholm.


Copenhagen, Denmark

Saturday morning had finally come! Waiting six months after buying my plane ticket to europe was such a hard task but Europe finally came. I was so excited to be knocking on my little sisters hotel room in copenhagen and start our journey! And oh has this been a journey...

Copenhagen is such a beautiful place. Every street is filled with old homes and buildings and the entire place looks like a museum. Not to mention how beautiful the people were. Everyone was so scandinavian and I felt right at home! Haha I wanted to bring all the boys home in their cute button up shirts and parted blonde hair. The first day Megan and I walked around the city and did our own rick steves walking tour. It was nice to just see the sights and have a casual day. After the tour we spent the night in tivoli gardens. Tivoli is a famous amusement park in Scandinavia and it was really pretty.

Sunday was the fun day, we were able to take a segway tour through copenhagen! It was the most dorky/ fun experience to ride these things of the future. We saw the royal palace, the little mermaid, town hall and many more main sights. After the tour we headed to this place called Chritiana. I guess it is some sort of human experiment where they are a "free state". Marijuana and hash are legal and apparently the cops just leave them alone over there. It was such a cool place. There was beautiful art everywhere and tons of fun people! It was different than any place I have ever seen. Anyway all in all I loved Copenhagen! It was beautiful and great. Here are some of my favorite pictures from that leg of the trip.

Updates on stockholm soon!