Dear Buzz,
Happy Fathers Day! You are the most amazing dad in the world. I don't understand how you work so hard, but you always have time (and a lot of it) for your family. I admire how strong, driven and spiritual you are. You will never know how much of an example you are to me. I love you!
Love, One of your favorite daughters,


I cannot wait to be eating lunch here in 10 days with my sister!!! 
Take me to Copenhagen now!!!


This weeks obsessions...

1. Bead-board: I love it. I love it in kitchens, in bedrooms, in bathrooms, anywhere really. I just love it so much!

2. The alchemist. Half way through, and I can't get enough.

3. Nautical looking clothing. More specifically stripped shirts.
4. Estate Sales.

5. The band J√≥nsi.


I love summer. Thank you for finally warming up.