15 Days!

   So hello, this is weird to be back up an blogging, wow I am a dork. I actually just wanted to fill everyone who reads this in on my life and such. So as of today I have 15 days until I board the plane for Ecuador. I am so excited! It is going to be the most amazing experience and it will be nice to not go to school this next semester. Some of my friends started today! I feel so bad for them. Jessica was pretty upset that school actually started today and that it wasn't a typo. Anyway since the last time I wrote I have pretty much been a bum. All I have done is eat, sleep, gone boating, gone swimming and hung out. Oh I guess I have babysat quite a bit which has been good to have a little extra cash... holla. Anyway, OSSO called me yesterday and asked me to be a travel leader for my group, I don't exactly know what that means but hopefully it is something cool right? Haha well that is all for now. Just a little heads up, I will be writing on this blog religiously starting in 2 weeks. Keep reading! Haha I love you all!!!