Today could not get any better! I am having the best day!

First I got to sleep in an hour longer than usual, so I am rested and completely ready for this week.

Second, I won an amazing giveaway on this fun blog here. I am so excited about this, I have never even entered a blog giveaway until now, I will definitely be entering more!

Third, I had such a fun weekend! And I am so happy where I am in life and with friends right now. I am sorrounded by the most amazing people and I am learning from the everyday.

Fourth, I am finally starting to feel like I am not asking for help every 5 minutes at work, I am settling into the groove of things.

Fifth, Sushi and GG tonight with the gang. Always a great way to brace a monday.

I don't really know why else I am this happy, but I just am happy! And I hope you all are happy too. Here is a pretty picture that makes me happy!

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