Whirlwind weekend

What a weekend! So much fun. So last time we left off we were hours away from taking our groomals... well they turned out fabulous! We had so much fun and it was so exciting to finally show Landon my dress. After the photos we hit up the cheesecake facotry with my favorite people Elise, Meg and Katelyn. I love those girls more than life!

Friday we signed our lease and got our key to our first apartment. It is such a cute place! So Saturday, Landon and Sam picked up our new couch, and I headed to the apartment with all of our gifts from our showers and started the deep clean. It was such a busy/ fun day! Landon built enough Ikea furniture for a lifetime and my hands still smell like clorox but the place is coming together! Here is a preview of our living room this far...
Isn't it adorable?! I know.

Sunday we went to church to hear my little brother give an amazing talk! And then we were off to Huntsville for some much needed relaxation. It was so much fun to be with the family and be able to sleep in the next day! We played board games, went on walks, ate a wonderful dinner, and had a great time!

Monday we were  back to business on the apartment. We went to Ikea (again). I swear we are obsessed with this place! And we went to a few other places and found some great deals. We spent the day working hard again on the apartment. It is starting to look great, and I cannot wait to move in and finally be married!

Which is in 3 weeks from tomorrow, cause I know you are all keeping count like me.. haha. But 3 weeks!! HOLY COW! Just be here already! I cannot wait.

That is all for now! I will keep you all posted with pictures soon.

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Kelly said...

Love how the apartment is coming together! It is so cute!