16 days and counting.

In 16 short days I will be sealed to my best friend for forever. I am the happiest girl in the world! These two weeks cannot go fast enough! I am so ready for June 23rd to be here!!! The fabulous Christine Hardy Olson gave us our Bridal cd today and I am beyond excited with how they turned out! She is so talented!!

This past week we have done many things. Katelyn turned 20 on Saturday so we celebrated with her! Happy Birthday you adorable person! We filmed our date video last Saturday during the day... it was an adventure... if you want to hear a really funny story ask me about what happened. We had another amazing shower from my home ward! And we also bought a bookcase which we are really excited about!

Our first apartment is coming together very nicely and we can't wait to move in and finally be officially husband and wife!

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Katelyn Ann said...

ah! thanks for everything! love you!!