Nothing Better.

So I am sitting in Megan's bed after church and we have been stalking peoples blogs all day. This got me thinking... I haven't written on my blog for a year and I think it is time I start up again. So I posted some pictures of Chile below and I will try and fill you in on the past year. Nothing too crazy has happened, just the usual school, work, traveling, boys. I have met some great friends that I know I will be friends with forever. Here are some pictures that have great memories attached to them, mostly of this summer.

Doner park.

International Day. I love these boys more than they know.

Scot and Abby's wedding! So Beautiful!

I love my g-ma Connie!.. and tika boo!

Picture from an amazing night.

California! Such an incredible trip!

That is all I have right now. But I will post more later on. My life is pretty boring but I am going to give this blogging thing a try.

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Dave Christison said...

international day needs to happen again. thats all Im saying